St. Andrews by-the-Sea New Brunswick

St. Andrews by the Sea is a charming, prosperous and visually stunning residential community. The downtown is filled with quaint shops providing unique and convenient services and many restaurants including one of “Canada’s 12 best.” Salmon tenders and lobster boats work from the town wharf and the harbor provides safe mooring for private boats and whale watching boats during the summer.   A one hour drive to the city of Saint John and the closest major airport.

The Algonquin Golf Club is a world class seaside golf course on the 45th parallel….half way between the equator and the north pole.  At the Algonquin you can play a challenging round of golf and share some of the areas most remarkable ocean views with deer, eagles and an occasional moose.

Enjoy Kingsbrae Garden, crystal clear lakes, beautiful forests, the surrounding islands whales, seals, herring weirs, fog, glorious sunrises and breathtaking sunsets, the wonderful air and most of all the exceptionally friendly people.  The air and the people are not easily explained……. so you will have to visit and experience them for yourself.

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